"The lock is broken. The picklocks from the evidence storage could solve the problem."
The Warehouse, aka D2, is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


The Warehouse is a somewhat large room with lots of shelves piled up with boxes. There are papers strewn about the floor along with some blood splatters. There is a caged off area containing a large crate and an SMG, as well as a few shelves mounted on the wall. The entrance to the Warehouse is covered with a large open cage door and a blinking red light. It is found across the hall from the Archive.


The Warehouse is where John Bishop will first encounter The Cat, who is found lying against a wall immobile and covered in blood. It will climb into the vent during a scripted sequence after the player actives the breaker box in A4, after which point it will assume it's usual behavior pattern. The Cat can reenter D2 at any time so caution is needed when approaching the room, and if the sounds of shuffling or purring can be heard the player is best to turn back and hide until the Cat leaves, as there are no hiding spots within D2 itself. The Wolf may also check the Warehouse occasionally, as will The Owl, although this occurs less frequently.

Warehouse red

The entrance to the Warehouse

The Warehouse is also where the player can retrieve the lockpicks needed to unlock Ben's Study. They spawn inside a safe which has a variety of different locations: it may be on the small table in the northeast corner of the room, on a shelf in the southeast corner, in the hallway next to the broken cage door, or in the hallway corner. The lockpicks are also used to unlock D1 in the late game.


  • The crate shakes and thumps whenever the player comes near, implying another animatronic is inside, possibly The Bear.
    • The noise that the crate makes will attract any nearby animatronics, so an escape route so be planned beforehand to avoid being attacked.
  • The safe containing the lockpicks does not spawn until after the player attempts to access B2.