Bear is an animatronic bear in CASE: Animatronics.

Bear is rarely seen in gameplay compared to the others, but can still appear during the night. [citation needed


Bear is a Panda bear animatronic with glowing red eyes. His ears seem peculiar as they have a waffle-like look to the inside. He also has blood on his teeth and around his face, similar to the Wolf.


  • At one point in development, the Bear seemed to take the Wolf's role in gameplay.
  • Bear appears in the announcement trailer for CASE, but none of the others.
  • Bear is on two of the cards in the game on the computer in Ben's room.
  • Bear seems to be inspired by Freddy Fazbear, another bear animatronic in the real game Five Nights at Freddy's, which CASE used to be a fangame of until it differentiated itself.
  • Its resemblance to Freddy Fazbear may be why it was partially removed from the game, as to avoid legal issues.
  • It may be inside the crate in the Warehouse.