"Ah yes, the tablet. The Department relies too much on this new monitoring system. At this rate, they'll soon give us a joystick and a lightsaber." - John Bishop
The Tablet is a mechanic in CASE: Animatronics.

Tablet 1

John holding the Tablet


The Tablet is a modern black electronic device consisting of a large screen and small buttons. It is connected to the security cameras within Aurora Police Department and is used in order to see the camera feeds. John Bishop first collects the Tablet in his dream, however most of the cameras are offline except for the Warehouse. The Tablet is used consistently throughout the whole game in order to track the location of any wander animatronics. The Tablet will run out of power quickly, and can be recharged using the charger in Ben's Study. This will also happen during a scripted event after John activates the breaker in A3.


The Tablet screen view of John's office


Using the Tablet is pivotal to moving around the building safely. The player can look at room sin the building to determine if The Wolf is patrolling the area or if The Owl has spawned in any given room. This will allow the player to plan a route to their next destination, or see if any rooms containing hiding spots are same to use. The Tablet cannot be used to monitor The Cat if it is still inside the vents, however if the Cat has left the vents it will also show in the Tablet.


  • After John picks the Tablet up for the first time, he will question the price of the tablet out loud.
  • It is unknown who placed the sticker with the building's map on the Tablet, however this was presumably John himself.
  • The only rooms that cannot be viewed using the Tablet are the Locker Room and the Shower Room.