The Meeting Room, aka A2, is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


The Meeting Room is a large open room with an Aurora Police Department logo in the center of the floor. There are three rows of chairs facing a podium and a projector screen displaying an image of a crime scene. There are a couple filing cabinets strewn about the edges of the room, but the room is otherwise utilitarian in furnishings. It is connect to both C2 and A3.

John Bishop can enter A2 at time after the dream sequence has ended, however the only time that entering is useful is after Scott turns off the ventilation and causes the building to overheat. The computer in the Control Room requires a code to unlock which is found on the projector screen in A2. The code is randomly generated and is found in the bottom right corner next to the F tag.


The Wolf regularly checks this room and will often spend upwards of 25 seconds in A2 unless interrupted. Because it spends a significant amount of time in A2, this can be a good opportunity for the player to move through C2 unobstructed. The Cat is able to access A2 through the vent in the ceiling, as can The Owl who can spawn in front of the projector screen. The Bear is never found here.


  • The player does not technically need to enter A2 at all, as it is possible to complete the game without resetting the ventilation. Doing so will award the player with the Survivor Achievement.
  • Strangely, the player or any animatronics standing in front of the projector won't cast a shadow on the wall. This is likely so that this doesn't obstruct the ventilation code.