The Locker Room is a minor location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


The Locker Room can be accessed through two doors, with one next to the Control Room and the other facing directly onto C1. It is utilitarian and sparsely furnished, consisting of only a row of lockers against one wall and several wooden benches. It is also the only way to reach the Shower Room.


John Bishop is required to enter the Locker Room during his dream. After he uses the breaker panel in the Control Room he will be called by Scott using the phone on the desk in C2. At this point The Wolf will appear behind the bars in C1 and will attempt to attack the player. The door to the Locker Room will open automatically at this point and the player will be required to use one of the lockers to hide from The Wolf. This is the only time that the player will be required to use the Locker Room, other than as a means to access the Shower Room, however the lockers can be used repeatedly to hide from any aggressive animatronics.


  • Because the Locker Room has two doors, it is possible for an animatronic to spot the player through both doors if they are open. Therefore keeping the doors to the Locker Room closed is an easy way to avoid detection.
  • The Locker Room is one of two rooms that do not have a corresponding camera, along with the Shower Room.