The Lobby, aka B9, is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


The Lobby is a large, open room furnished with chairs in the corner and some portraits on the walls. It has a large Aurora Police Department logo on the floor and on the wall. The exit is off to the north side of the room, with two metal detectors near them. The lights are controlled in the Control Room adjacent to the lobby.


John Bishop is required to access the Lobby late in the game when attempting to leave the building. The Wolf can check this room and will wander to the north side by the doors when doing so. The Cat is not able to access this room through the ventilation as there are no vents to be found, however it may entry the Lobby if it has left the vents and is wandering around the location. The Owl may also appear in the middle of the room, however the Bear is never found here. There are no hiding spots and can only be accessed through one door, so attempting to escape any animatronics using the Lobby will almost definitely result in a game over.


  • One of the police portraits has a Batman mask drawn onto his head with black marker.
  • The insignias found on the floor and the wall confirm the Department's location: Aurora, Colorado.