The Interrogation Room, aka B8, is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


The Interrogation Room consists of two small rooms, each containing a desk with a lamp. The rooms are connecting by a door and a large one-way glass screen which is opaque from the side that the player initially enters from. The desk contains a battery which can be used to power the radio, a phone, and one of the collective Notes, specifically Note 5.


John Bishop will first enter B8 after 3AM once the player collects the yellow keycard from the safe in the Director's Office at B6. Scott will speak to the player over the phone on the desk, at which point The Owl will appear in the doorway between the two rooms. The Owl will attack if the player breaks eye contact so she must be avoided by backing out of the room while still looking at her until a safe distance has been created, ideally closing the door to B8 at the same time, at which point the player may look away and hide.

During the rest of the game B8 will not be checked by The Wolf, however it can enter the room if it has already spotted the player and has given chase. The Cat is also unable to access the room through the ventilation as there is no vent access, however if The Cat has left the vents and is roaming the location it can follow the player if spotted, similar to The Wolf. The Bear is also not encountered in the Interrogation Room, however The Owl may spawn in B8, although it will only ever spawn in the first room and not the room behind the one-way glass.


  • The Owl can spawn in the room if you are on the other side of the glass, however it cannot see the player through the one-way glass.
  • Strangely, although the Owl seems to be able to see the player through the glass when Bishop first meets it, it cannot see through glass anytime during gameplay.
  • The Interrogation Room is the only room in the game that The Wolf does not check at all.
  • The Interrogation Room is the safest place in the entire game, as neither The Cat nor The Wolf enter it regularly, and the second room is safe from the eyes of the Owl.
  • The note found in B8 seems to reference the Bite of '87.