CASE: Animatronics has one known ending, which is achieved at the end of the game.


After John Bishop accesses the Archive and speaks to Scott for the last time, all animatronics will be momentarily deactivated. The player then has a small period of time to track each animatronic down and check for a keycard on the back of each animatronic's neck. This keycard is used to open the front door in the Lobby. The animatronics are not deactivated forever, and will reactivate if the player takes too long.

The first card collected will always fail to open the front doors, and will vanish from the player's inventory after they interact with the front doors. The second keycard will work ont he front doors, which grants the player the ending cutscene. This shows a police car outside the building with the lights activated, which is presumably either John's car or a car of one of his colleagues. The screen then fades to black and the credits roll.

John's fate is not clearly shown, however it can be determine that he escaped the building alive. Whether Scott faced any repercussion for his actions in still unknown. The player is then awarded one of three Achievements:

  • Oh Really? - Complete the game on Easy mode
  • A Piece Of Cake - Complete the game on Hardcore mode
  • Survivor - Complete the game without resetting the ventilation