The Director's Office, aka B6, is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


The Director's Office shares a similar layout with both John Bishop's Office and Ben's Study in that it is a small office space furnished with a desk with a computer and lamp, and a row of filing cabinets. It is more spacious that the other offices and also contains a safe and a large portrait of the director on the wall behind the desk along with a thermostat. The room is locked with an electronic lock that requires a keycard to open. It is accessed through A4.

John Bishop first enters this room after accessing Ben's Study and collecting the red keycard from inside the filing cabinet. This keycard is needed to unlock the door to the Director's Office. Once inside the player can collect a note from one of the filing cabinets which reveals more information about Scott and his relationship with John. Scott will call the player using the phone in the office after the note has been collected and will then deactivate the ventilation. The player must reactivate the ventilation and survive until 3AM, which will then unlock the safe in the Director's Office which holds the keycard needed to enter the Interrogation Room.


After the Director's Office has been unlocked it can be searched by The Wolf if it has already searched A4. The Cat does not have access through the vents but may enter the office if it is roaming the building. The Owl may spawn in here in front of the desk, but only after the player has encountered it for the first time. The Bear is never found here.


  • The mechanics needed to unlock the safe is the only time that the player is given a set amount of time to survive until, as all other objectives can be done as soon as they are available.
  • One of the collectible Notes, specifically Note 4, can be found in one of the drawers in the desk.
  • B6 is the only room in which the corresponding security camera does not work. This is due to the camera being covered in the room, presumably by the director himself.