Corridor Desk, aka C2, is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


C2 is an extension to C1 and part of the same location, however it is spread over two cameras due to it's size. The area contains a desk with a phone and lamp, the first of which is used to communicate with Scott, a locked cage door blocking the route to the Warehouse, and two doors leading into A3 and A4. From south to north the doors are as follows:

  • Two grey doors to the right, both locked, which lead to the Interrogation Room and what is likely the restrooms respectively.
  • Two black wooden doors on the left, one of which is locked and the other leads to A1.
  • A branching hallway off to the right that leads to the Control Room, Lobby, and Locker Room.
  • A locked black wooden to the left leading into the Meeting Room.
  • A keycard door on the right which leads to A3.
  • An unlocked door on the left leading into A4.
  • An locked cage door leading to the Archive.
  • The Warehouse past D1.


The Wolf is first encountered in C2 during the dream sequence, and can be found lying on the floor in front of the door to A3 with blood pouring out of its mouth and stomach. A note can be found resting in its lap with four numbers written on it with the last number is mostly obscured by blood. After the Wolf jumpscares John Bishop in his dream, it can be found in the same position. This time it will have another set of numbers in the same arrangement. After the player is scared by the mysterious ghost and enters the second set of numbers to access the Control Room panel, the Wolf will be missing from its previous location. It will then reappear during the phone call on the other side of the bars in C2. It will run through A3 when triggered and escape, at which point it will then begin its usual behavior. It regularly passes through this area on it's way to or from A3 or A4.

The Cat does not have direct vent access to this section of the hallway, but does have access in C1. Likewise, neither The Owl or The Bear can ever be found in this area.


  • Beta screenshots of the game show the Bear in the same location as The Wolf, indicating that the two may have swapped roles at some point during development.
  • The cage in C1 can never be unlocked, forcing the player to detour through A4 each time.
  • The central corridor is the only area to have multiple cameras, being C1 and C2.