Corridor Desk, aka C1, is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


C1 is an extension to C2 and part of the same location, however it is spread over two cameras due to it's size. It consists of a long winding corridor bordered by multiple doors, some leading into other areas of the building, and others are locked and cannot be opened. From south to north the doors are as follows:

  • Two grey doors to the right, both locked, which lead to the Interrogation Room and what is likely the restrooms respectively.
  • Two black wooden doors on the left, one of which is locked and the other leads to A1.
  • A branching hallway off to the right that leads to the Control Room, Lobby, and Locker Room.
  • A locked black wooden to the left leading into the Meeting Room.
  • A keycard door on the right which leads to A3.
  • An unlocked door on the left leading into A4.
  • An locked cage door leading to the Archive.
  • The Warehouse past D1.


The Wolf begins in C2, however will not access C1 until the sequence in which it escapes it's cage has been triggered. It will visit C1 frequently as it has access to every room and poses a significant threat while patrols the hallways. The Cat has access to C1 through the vent located in the middle of the hallway, and The Owl can occasionally spawn here. The only animatronic who cannot be found in C1 is The Bear.


  • C1 is one of five accessible areas during Bishop's dream, the others being B1, A1, B7, and B9.
  • The central corridor is the only area to have more than one camera, consisting of C1 and C2.
  • The cabinet with the potted plant can sometimes contain one of the Notes.