Aurora Police Department is the main location and setting of CASE: Animatronics. It is located in the real world city of Aurora, Colorado.


Aurora Police Department is never seen from the outside, however it is likely not an exact replica for the real world police department building. The interior is furnished in a modern and utilitarian style with very little decoration outside what would be considered functional. Multiple rooms in the building have the department logo imprinted on the floors, and the rooms mostly consist of office space. Many doors are locked with keycards, however Ben's office and the Archive are locked with a standard padlock.

John Bishop is employed here as a police officer, and he can often be found in his office working late nights. This results in him falling asleep at his desk, which grants Scott the opportunity to lock John in the building and get revenge for the death of his wife and child. Scott's animatronics are held inside the evidence storage inside crates as they were involved in a different case, however they break out of their containers in their attempts to kill John at Scott's command.


The map on John's office wall



  • Despite the building being a police department, there are no cells that could be used to hold an individual overnight as commonly seen in US police departments.