The Archive, aka D1, is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


The Archive is a small storage room protected by a locked cage door. It is poorly lit and consists on lines of shelves, not unlike the Warehouse. Most of the selves contain files and documents, rather than the bulkier contents of D2, and a computer can be found in one corner next to one of the collectible Notes, specifically Note 0. It is located across from D2 and shares a wall with B5.

John Bishop will gain access to D1 after encountering The Owl in the Interrogation Room. The Wolf will initially guard the entrance to D1 and will need to be led away from the area before the player can access the Archive. The door is locked and requires use of the lockpicks that were previously acquired from the Warehouse to pick the lock, after which Scott will contact the player using the phone in the room. He will monologue after which he will deactivate all the animatronics. The player will be prompted to check the back of each animatronic to locate a key card which is used to open the front doors in the Lobby and reach the Ending.


No animatronic will ever be found in the Archive. This is because the door is locked until after 3AM, and all animatronics are deactivated once the door is unlocked.


  • D1 is the only room in which no animatronic is ever encountered.
  • D1 is the only room in the game which is actually guarded by an animatronic, although this only happens during the late game.
  • The actual key card for the front door is randomized. however the animatronic show on the computer screen is always The Cat.