A4 is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


A4 is functionally identical to both A1 and A3. It is a large open plan office space furnished with several desk and filing cabinets, along with one of two breaker boxes on the far wall. It is connected to the rest of the building through C2 and is connected to the Director's Office on the right side. A4 is initially locked and requires the keycard found on the floor of the Shower Room in order to unlock the door.

John Bishop is first required to ending A4 after he wakes from his dream at the beginning of the game. Both the breaker box in A4 and the Control Room need to be activated in order to restore power to the building. The player will need to access A4 again later in the game while attempting to access B6.


No animatronic begins in A4, however it is common to find The Wolf in here searching the area. The Cat is able to access A4 using the vent on the ceiling, and The Owl can spawn in here in the middle of the room. The Bear is not found here.


  • It is common to find one of the collectible Notes in A4, either in one of the desk drawers or on the floor under a desk.