Area 1, aka A1, is a location in CASE: Animatronics. It is a sublocation of Aurora Police Department.


A1 is a large open-plan office space containing multiple desks with computers and lamps. A row of filing cabinets and a closet can be found against one wall, the of which the latter can be used by John Bishop to hide from any animatronics in the area. A1 is connected to John Bishop's Office, Ben's Study, A2 and C1. It is functionally identical to A3 and A4.


The Wolf will check in A1 frequently along with any adjacent rooms, and will spend a decent amount of time searching the area. This can be a good time for the player to move around the rest of the building while it is distracted. The Cat has access to A1 using the vent in the ceiling, and The Owl can spawn in the middle of the room. The Owl can be particularly problematic as it will block access to any adjacent rooms while in A1. The player can use the closet in A1 or the desks in B1 and B2 to hide from any animatronics chasing after them.


  • A1 is one of the rooms that can be accessed during John's dream.
  • One of the desks has a box of edible donuts on it.
  • The closet in the corner sometimes contains a note on the inside door.
  • A1 connects to the two rooms that contain something that makes it easier to avoid animatronics, these being B2 which contains the charger for the Tablet, and A2 which holds the ventilation code.